Author: Harry Chappell

Old Time Session

This is a session starting 2-4pm on Sunday led by Skully and Davies. A session/jam for Old Time & Bluesgrass tunes and songs, although all styles and genres are welcome! Expect fiddle, banjo, mandolin, mouthharp, singing, drinking and (if we’re lucky) flat foot dancing.

Muzikantes Eastern European jam session

In association with Muzikantes Festival we bring you a night of live Eastern European music. Whether you’re a singer, musician, dancer or enthusiast bring an instrument and your dancing shoes and come and join in the fun! Meet at the Chemic Tavern at 8.30 and we’ll jam till we get kicked out!

Quiz – General Knowledge

Come down for our weekly General Knowledge Quiz! Featuring special guest readers and themed rounds ranging from specific tv shows, films and creative challenges to rounds about unicorns, bubble baths and emojis. 50p per team member includes free sandwiches to round off the evening and the chance to win a cash prize or a booby… Read more »